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 The Caregiver Referral Service

Sittercity.com was founded in Boston, 2001

by Genevieve Thiers. Today, it is one of the

largest and most trusted caregiver referral

agency that matches between families and

childcare providers pet sitters, house sitters,

tutors and senior care.


In this site you will all you need to know about

finding, screen and interviewing caregivers.


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Welcome! to the sittercity parents guide

In this site you will find all the information

you need about finding and hiring nannies

and babysitters. About this site...

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Jennifer Millhouse Lee  


When I was Looking For a Nanny...

After taking care of my first child for several month, I had to decide if I would extend my maternity leave or go back working. As I'm not the sole provider of the house the decision was hard. On one

had I thought it would be great to stay home with my first and amazing child but on the other hand

I had a business of my own as an infant development consultant. After thinking of this for a while

I decided to move on and find my self a loving care newborn live in nanny.


Searching the web I came across sittercity that surprisingly helped me find a great child care

provider in a very short time. I found a user friendly site that included all the relevant information

I was needed for searching local nannies, screening them, how to interview candidates, how to

check their background and also how to prepare my own nanny employment contract.


I feel in love with the idea that I found a all-in-one service any parents can wish for while looking

for updated information, tools and services about finding and hiring a nanny. So, at that point I decided to share my knowledge and experience using this nanny finder site and become sittercity

business partner (affiliate).


For me, on top of my priority list was finding a trusted person since I was looking for a full time

live in nanny. Sittercity.com gave me the solution I was looking for and as the time passed I found even more useful information and learned to appreciate it as a parents.


What Makes Sittercity So Special?

As a parents, the most important thing for me was not finding a nanny, but finding a professional

and a trusted person who I can leave alone with my child, at my home. Yes, that was not an easy decision to make but this was one of the decisions you have to take in life, you can't avoid it even

if you want. So my main concern was finding a trusted resource of nannies listings from which

I could find the person I was looking for - live in nanny with my specific list of demands. Using

the sittercity nanny search engine, I entered my zip code to the site's nanny search engine and

got a list of nannies candidates near me. This is when I learned on the value of the services of

a good babysitter and nannies placement agency.



  The Sittercity.com Home Page



Easy to use - navigating the site was pretty easy, I didn't have to read a manual or to get some

guidance on how to use their nanny locator service. All I had to do is use my zip code and get the

list of relevant nannies, review their profiles and start screening them.


Trusted resource - as the leading babysitting and nanny agency in USA, I saw that sittercity has

a list of professional nannies when on each nanny you can run a background search and also review

other families references. It was extremely important for me to speak with other parents before

I would hire anyone.


Sittercity users reviews - before I decided to join sitter city as a member, I visited sites reviews

and childcare forums to learn what other parents think about this website. Most of the sittercity

reviews I found were positive about this service while other were not that happy it was not free :-)

Well, I believe that for a good service you need to pay and if it's free than it might be not as good

as you think it is especially when we are talking about child caring!


Detailed Nanny profile - as a starting point, you get a list of nannies and at first you find it hard

to focus on one or two... there are so many caregivers that I was confused where to start. Then

I understand that in order for me to find the nanny I'm looking for, I need to carefully review the

nanny profile that seems to include a lot of important information such as some background about

her, age, her experience as a childcare provider, her reviews & references, availability, life style,

expected nanny rate and much more. All that I needed to start screening candidates. On top of

that I found some sittercity candidates movies which I found lovely:



  Alicia Using Sittercity to Find a Nanny


How Does It Work?

Basically the process is very simple - you start by adding your zip code to the site's caregiver

search engine which can be found at almost any pages on the site. Entering your zip code will

trigger a search for the available sitters in your area. They can be baby sitters, nannies, pet

sitters and other child care providers such as special needs nanny or summer nanny and so on.


At this point the result will be a list of nannies which live less then 50 miles from your current

location (this is the default which can be changed). The site will inform you how many available

caregivers are listed on the site in your area. For example, using the following zip code - 94155

when searching for babysitters in Fan Francisco showed that there are 5,815 sitters looking for

positions. Wooo that's a big number! to start screening and narrowing down you search you can

find an tool that will help you refine your search choosing some more specific options such as -

transportations, ok with pets (not everybody do), background check (standard or enhanced BGC),

how many sittercity users reviews you can read on this particular person, years on experience

with newborn, infants, toddlers ect. hourly rate, education level languages and much more.


After paring down your choices you can start previewing the profiles of selected caregivers.

The profile is actually a resume which summarize the caregiver background, experience and

additional services she can offer such as cooking, cleaning, taking care of sick children, home

work help and so on. Also other skills and certification which are extremely important such as

CPR, first aid, ADD/ADHD, developmentally challenged and more:


  The Caregiver Profile on Sittercity


Up to this point the process is free, you can run a free nanny and babysitter search without

being a member. I found this very useful as before you pay for a service you can get a taste

of the value this service can offer you. Further on, to receive the caregiver contact details,

to communicate with her using the internal messaging system and to read her references,

you will have to register as a member. This can be done by punching the 'join' button where

you will be required to fill a simple form and choose the membership type. You will have three

options - Annual (140$, about 12$ a month), 3 month (70$, about 24$ a month) or 1 month

program - (35$). Before you decide to join, check the latest sittercity promo code that will

save you up to 20%-25% from these programs.


Other Useful Tools and Services

As a parents who is looking for a good babysitter or a loving care nanny, you will find that it's

not only about finding a caregiver sitting at home in front of your computer, but it's a process

that also involved your attention in other aspects of employing a caretaker. For that purpose,

sittercity offers a variety of tools and services that can help you in different issues. Here are

some of them:


How to hire the right sitter - a short 4 step guide that explains what is the most effective way

to screen candidates using sittercity website. These 4 steps are check the sitter's reviews,

review their background check, in person interviews and references checking. The guide

includes some nice tips and advices that truly help understand how it works.


Interview checklist - after you found the top candidates you will need to interview them.

I prepared my first nanny interview using this guide which gave me a nice overview of which

questions I should ask to be able getting the information I need about the person and how much

he or she fits for the job.


Taxes issues - I admit that before employing a mother helper I had no idea about this subject.

The guide includes information about which nanny taxes needs to be paid and by whom. I was

happy to find out that Sittercity have a partnership with SurePayroll, which manage the nanny

tax and pay online! Bravo again :-) what a great solutions.


Sitter's rate calculator - a simple tool that can help you determine your sitters hourly rate by

taking into consideration the following parameters - your location, the babysitter's age, her

years of experience and the number of children involved. The result is average babysitters pay

rate in your area. Nice...


Sitters cheat test - another nice idea by sittercity. This is some kind of a test the sitter or nanny

needs to fill which includes a set of questions she must know the answer for. For example - is the

child sensitive or some type of food? Can he watch TV and until when. I used it once and found

out that despite the fact I instruct my nanny not to feed my child with a Banana (can cause throat

irritation when the baby caught a cold), she forgot about it.


Background check - the site has partner with LexisNexis, who can run an enhanced background

check, standard background check and motor vehicle records check. I wouldn't hire anyone with

out checking their history first so this service could be useful when hiring a person you are not

familiar with.


Things You Need to Be Aware of

Here are some issued I thought worth mentioning that you might need and can come in handy or

clear things up before you meet or deal with them:


Choosing the right caregiver - first and for all, you need to remember that Sittercity.com matches between the needs of families and caregivers but can't fully 100% guaranty that every person who is listed on their service shouldn't be checked again by you, and checked I mean - speaking with other parents who used to employ her, double checking her background, conduct a nanny interview and

cross check facts on her resume. The bottom line is that at the end of the day you are responsible

to make sure that person you are hiring can be trusted and fits for the job.


Promotional codes - sittercity.com provide a monthly coupon which can reduce your cost on the

membership fee. This discount code change each month and some times can offer you only 15%

off and some times can offer you 25% off. Make sure you check the current code before you register.



  How Much Does it Cost & Promo Code


  How to Apply the Code


Scams - there are few types of scams which are related to sittercity and I don't mean sittercity

scams as a business or if the site is legit (this shouldn't be your concern). You can find over the

web many reviews on sittercity service written by users. The scams are related to a person who

pretend to be a babysitters but only want to access your home and steal something in the right

time. Another sittercity scam speculation was about sitters who join this service but didn't had

the chance to find a job since no families approached them. Well, parents tend to contact the

sitters with the higher number of recommendations, with a detailed resume and so on. I checked

this matter reading forums and found that some of these sitters were looking for a job with no

experience at all and that's why families choose not to contact them. After all, there are more

than 2 millions caregiver on this site!


Finding other types of sitters - at first the site was all about finding babysitting services but

over time they added nannies, au pairs elderly caregivers for Seniors, pet sitters - Dog walkers

and Cat sitters, tutors for test preparations, science and history, computer and engineering

languages and more. Also, housekeepers and house sitters. 


Final Thoughts

Sittercity is a useful service as you can start using it from your computer at home or work when

ever you want. It can easily finding you the caregiver you are looking for and you can find your

self in less then a day with a list of your top nannies candidates. The site's resources offer a huge

amount of data, tips and interesting information which is easily accessible.


However, you must remember that what counts is the final result and that it finding a professional

person that you can trust and that will be able to take care of your children. Choosing the right

nanny or babysitter is completely up to you and not sittercity. You are the one who takes the

decision who to hire and what would be her duties and responsibilities. It's not about right or wrong,

it's about finding the person who can answer your needs. This is why you should not take lightly

checking the candidates background, talking to their references, conducting a second interview

or defining a trail period or ever installing a nanny camera if you have doubts about your nanny credibility. You need to make sure you do your best to secure your children when leaving them

with a privet childcare helper.


When I first thought about hiring as nanny, I visualized in my mind a young, energetic and

responsible person taking care of my children the same way I would. A person my children

will be happy to be with and I could have my peace of mind knowing they are in good hands.




December 2012 News:




Au Pairs Placement Solution

One of the trendiest child caring solutions USA families choose is hiring a foreign Au Pair that

join the family as a caretaker. The role of Au Paris is some kind of a mix of a baby sitter, nanny

and a housekeeper. From the child caring perspective, a foreign person can expose the children

to other culture and languages which can be a refreshing changes compared to local care providers.

By definition, an Au Pair is specifically trained as a live-in child care provider which can also help

in many other daily house hold tasks. Families can choose if they wish to hire an Au Pair from

Europe, Asia or the middle east when each one can bring her own advantages and experience.

Sittercity.com has join forces with one of the leading Au Pairs agencies - GoAuPair to provide

families an easy way to find and hire foreign child care providers. Visit Sittercity website under

"Au Pairs" and start previewing caregivers profiles.











































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