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 Average Babysitter Wage 2013 - Selected Locations in USA

Here are the right babysitting rates in selected cities across USA. You can also use this salary calculator to set the sitting wage in your area. It's very easy to use...


Free Sitter Rate Calculator!






Babysitting Rate - Selected Locations in USA

I have used Sittercity.com online rates tool that help set the right rate according to your

location, the sitter's ages and experience and the number of children, to present the rates

in selected locations in USA:


Sitter's Age - 18-21 | One Child | No Experience at All

  • PA, Pennsylvania, Zip Code 18103 - 10.5$

  • UT, Utah, Zip Code 84,003 - 9.25$

  • AZ, Arizona, Zip Code - 10.75$

  • MI, Michigan, Zip Code 48104 - 11.25$

  • MA, Massachusetts, Zip Code 02474 - 13.75$

  • OH, Ohio, Zip Code 44312 - 9.5$

  • MN, Minnesota, Zip Code 55303 - 10.5$

The Babysitter's Role

Babysitters are great help for many families which needs to find the right balance between parents duties and children daily routine. A Baby Sitter can take care of infants in the after noon, can play with young kids in the part or even tutor after school. On top of taking care

of kids they can be a great help in household tasks. The average babysitter wage depends on many factors such as - the sitter age, number of kids, duties and responsibilities, her past experience, location and working hours. How to know what is the right babysitter salary you should pay?


It's reasonable to say that the base sitter rate on the average in around 10$ but it all depends of course on many factors for example if whether you're hiring an adult babysitter or a teen, how many children she will take care off, the ages of the kids, what other responsibilities she will have - cleaning, providing meals and using a car to drive the kids somewhere.


Another way to find out what in an hourly sitting rate in your city is to talk to parents, friends, and coworkers and simply ask what they normally pay for babysitting services.

Ask what are they duties and responsibilities to make sure you are talking about the same position. Of course, in order keep a good baby sitter you can always pay a little extra for to make her more committed to you and your family.


Online Babysitting Rates Calculator

Today, babysitting websites that provides families a fast and simple way to find a baby sitter online, also enables parents to use a free babysitter rate calculator. All you need to do is feed the calculator with several factors from which an average babysitter rate will be presented to you. The popular factors are - your location (major city, smaller city, town), weather the sitter is teen or adult, the years of experience, the number of children and other expected requirements such as - late night/early morning, cooking/cleaning, child under 3 years and Special child needs. The babysitter calculator will provide you in a a matter of second the results.



The Sittercity Rates Calculator


Some Other Factors to Consider

> Overnights - sitter is paid an hourly rate for the hours before bed time, and then is paid a flat rate for the overnight hours, usually anywhere from $25 to $50 per night, there for an average babysitting wage should be around 35$ per night.


> Location - If your babysitter needs to travel more than a mile or two each way, you should factor the cost of travel into your hourly rate.


> Holidays - Babysitting on the holidays is an great opportunity to help parents out and make a some money, too. Holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are the most popular for babysitting needs. The best solution for a rate of babysitting for these periods is to set a flat rate for a full day or night.


> The payment - paying a babysitter can be done per day, week or even a month. You should set in advanced the payment method in order to prevent misunderstandings with your sitter - should it be cash or check.


> Short notice - did you asked the babysitter to come in short notice or you gave her several days to prepare. If it was indeed a short notice then expect to pay more.


Average babysitter wages can and should be different when different tasks are expected.

For example, after school sitter should be paid differently then a night babysitter or from

an adult babysitter. A normal babysitting rate is something which is also affected from the

place you live in and the average income of local families.























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