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 Pay Rates For Nannies in 2014

What is the average salary for a nanny? Setting the right nanny wage depends on

several factors - type of nanny, her duties and responsibilities, experience, number

of children, geographical location & benefits.


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View the last 2014 International Nanny Association (INA) Salary and Benefits Survey

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Setting the Nanny Salary

When considering the variables of the nanny's salary rate there is a need to weight the following factors - experience, which is the most important one, responsibilities and duties, number of children, live in or live out nanny and benefits that you would like to offer. Another important

factor which you may need to consider is the nanny education and degree. Like in many other industries, the employee education background influences the salary rate.


For example - if your caregiver has a degree in early childhood or she completed a specific course which is related to this area, then she should get paid more then a caregiver with no degree at all. Of course in any case, the most important this is to understand if the person that you are hiring can be responsible enough to carry out the desirable tasks. These tasks can also affect the average nanny salary calculation and may include the following - shopping, children/family laundry, cleaning, cooking and different errands.


In any case you will need to set the right expectations during the nanny interview when referring

to the nanny pay rate in order to prevent misunderstanding between both sides. you don't want

your caregiver to feel she don't get paid enough compared to the needed tasks. you as an employer should avoid the situation of employing an unhappy caregiver.


Average Nannies Salary in USA & Canada

Weekly Live in Nanny Pay Rate

> Age 20 with little or no experience in Child caring - 350$-450$

> Age 21 with two years experience in Child caring - 450$-600$

> Adult nanny with more than two years experience in Child caring - 450$-600$


Hourly Live out Nanny Pay Rate

> Age 20 with little or no experience in Child caring - 10$

> Age 21 with two years experience in Child caring - 15$

> Adult nanny with more than two years experience in Child caring - 20$


You can always use a nanny calculator tool to set more exact rate. An online nanny salary

calculator will help you to add other relevant variables to get to a more accurate number.

A full time nanny will typically work in average between 45-50 hours per week. if your specific requirements includes more then 55 hours per week then you might consider hiring another nanny/mother helper or alternately paying extra to your current one. this also affects the

average nanny salary.


Other Factors to Consider

Some other factors you need to be aware of for setting and managing a typical nanny salary:


(1) Gross or net? - you need to be very clear if the nanny salary that you are offering it net

or gross and if it includes any income taxes or not. if not, your nanny should be aware to the

fact that she will be responsible to handle this matter. In any case, you should learn the nanny

tax issue to cover it legally.


(2) Paying method - it should also be very clear how you should pay you nanny and when - cash, check or any other direct deposit solution. in any case, you should always pay on time! Paying

a nanny is something you should do on time as you expect your nanny to complete in time her tasks and duties.


(3) Special payments - some families offer their nannies bonuses like charismas bonus

or an incentive payment after the first year. If you plan to pay your nanny en extra

payment then you need to mention it when starting your relationship. In most case, nanny

salaries include some kind of special payment program.


(4) Yearly review - it will be wise to set a head specific date for reviewing your nanny

salary and other benefits. if you think your nanny is doing a great job and you wish

her to stay with your another year, then you should make sure you keep her happy!


Most of the nanny sites you will be able to find great nannies when for each one of them has

her own nanny profile page. To save time and interviews you should pay attention to their

"expected nanny payment". How much do nannies get paid is important information that can

save you valuable nanny search time. If your nanny expect a salary you can afford that you

shouldn't waste your time to interviewing her. Find the average nanny salary in your area and

set the one you think is reasonable and only then start your communications with child care

providers candidates.





















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