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Babysitter Rates 2014 -> How to Set the Right Rate?



 The Online Babysitting Rate Calculator

2014 Online Babysitters Rate Calculator

How much to pay a babysitter? How to know

what is the right hourly rate for a sitter?

To set the right rate you need to take into

consideration some basic factors such as

the sitter's age,number of children, location

and her past experience.


Use this free online rate calculator to set

your sitter's salary:


 Free Sitter Rate Calculator!








How Much to Pay a Sitter?

Babysitters usually paid by the hour as they work as a part-time caregiver and not full-time.

Your babysitter salary is effected by several factors from the number of children to the sitter's experience. According to the online calculator the average salary of a babysitter can start from 6$ up to 18$ per hour. The final rate is negotiable and should be set and agreed by both sides.


Before you determine your babysitter's salary you should decide first how much you can afford

to pay a private childcare provider. To have a the first basic idea of how much a sitter should

be paid you can start by asking people you know what is a reasonable babysitter salary is.


Another option is to use an online babysitting calculator which is quite easy to use. Here is

a snapshot of sittercity's calculator that can help set the going rate for babysitting services

for 2014 in your area:




The Sittercity Website



What Affects The Babysitter Salary?

The following factors affect babysitters salaries:


(1) Location - urban areas usually have the most expensive rates. Also the country and the state you live in North America - USA or Canada. Babysitting rates in Canada shouldn't be that different

from USA. If you live in Ontario or Vancouver or should pay your sitter the same rate.


(2) The babysitter duties and responsibilities if you're planning to ask your babysitter to be responsible for housekeeping tasks which are related to babysitting like cooking or cleaning - then your should pay extra. Another factor could be if you need night babysitting services or in-home babysitting services.


(3) The babysitter's age - adult babysitters should be paid more then young babysitters as naturally they have more experience in babysitting. It doesn't make sense to pay a teenager

the same as an adult person in the age of 25.


(4) The number of children a babysitter who is babysitting two or three kids should be paid more then a sitter who it watching only one child. That means double the work in terms of

handling the children, cooking, cleaning, tutoring and and more.


(5) Specific days & hours if you need a babysitters for weekends or holidays you should plan

to pay a higher rate. Also day caregivers such as after school sitters should not pay the same

as a night sitter. It's all depends on her duties and responsibilities.


Babysitter rates are affected by different factors and that's why sometimes it can be tough to determine an appropriate babysitting rate. Before offering your babysitter a hourly rate you need to consider the above factors. Moreover, asking other parents how much they are paying their babysitter could save you considerable amount of time. At the end, it will be up to you and you babysitter to agree on a reasonable rate that you can afford and they can accept.


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