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Babysitters For Hire with Care4hire - Service Review


USA & Canada Care Giving Placement


Care4hire.com was founded by Candi Wingate

with a goal to provide parents an easy-to-use

website that can help them find child caring

solutions, pet sitting services, elderly sitters

and different type of moms and home helpers.


Care4hire.com is part of the nannies4hire.com

and babysitters4hire.com online service that

offer sitters search in USA and Canada.


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What is Care4Hire.com?

Similar to sittercity.com and care.com, Candi Wingate founded a new babysitters for hire

matching service that offer an fast and trusted way to find professional caregivers. The company has been dealing with caregiver's placements since 1987 and brings rich experience and knowledge to this industry. The site's caregiver search tool is also based

on a mapping technology that locate available sitters using a specific zip code when one

of the service unique offering is the possibility to search and find caregiver in Canada

(using a postal code and not a zip code like in the USA).


The Babysitter Search

I have tried the site's sitters finder tool to better understand how it works and what are

the differences from care.com and sittercity.com. For that purpose I used a Canadian

postal code in Vancouver, British Columbia - V5K 0A1, looking for a babysitter in that area:


  Searching for Sitters in Canada


I got a list of local Vancouver babysitters and started to review some of the profiles. Compared to the other bigger sites in this industry I can mention that the sitter's resume is more of a free style, meaning the sitters have more room for free personal description of their previews experience as a caretaker. This way the candidates have more room to

express themselves and present their added value and point of view.


The Service Cost

There are three options (1) Annual Plan for 99.99$ (2) Monthly Plan for 19.99$ + 10$ for

registration fee (3) FREE 7 days trail. Currently you can join and get 15% off on of these



  Care4hire.com Registration Plans


In the Media

One of the most popular review I found was the one that nannies4hire.com helped a family

to find a good nanny - Jon & Kate. They were looking for a good nanny that can help them

take care of their large family. Finally after using nannies4hire.com to find the right candidates, they hired a great person. Here is the overview:


  Using Nannies4hire to Find a Nanny



The Care4hire.com site provide a good solution for American and Canadian families for

tracking down and hiring sitters. The maim advantage of the babysitting website is the coverage of the Canadian provinces. The industry of child caring in Canada is going through the same change as in the USA and there is a demand for a good and trusted resource for nannies and babysitters in this country. The overall is positive, the service provide a good matching solution for sitters and families.


























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