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 Babysitting Websites - Useful or Not?

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The Advantages of Online Services

These days, many parents understand the value of websites that can help them find sitters

online. However, before you jump in and register to such services, you need to make sure

you fully understand their advantages and disadvantages


Why sitters sites considered as a fast and reliable solution? What make them so unique?

Why use the best babysitting websites for that purpose? There are several reasons for that:


(1) Easy-to-use - while visiting a sitter website like www.sittercity you can easily notice that starting the sitter search process is not that hard. All you need to do is enter you zip code to the right place and click "GO". This concept makes the process simpler for the seekers and for the

sitters easy to find a new job.


(2) Large database - nationwide sitters sites has thousand sitters candidates looking for positions. For example, in the month of June-2012 in sittercity.com there were more then 30,000 baby sitters looking for families in the largest USA cities. These sitters are concentrated in one place which is

which is defined as "one-stop-shop" for parents.


(3) Low cost - compared to the old way of finding a caregiver using the services of a regular

referral agency, an online solution cost much less. Paying 10$ a month to find a good baby sitter

is considerably lower then paying 10 or 20 times more for a matching service. To use this old

service you had to physically arrive to the agency office, fill forms and wait for several hours

or days for a good match.


Here are more insights about the tools you get while using babysitting matching services - tips,

updates and more:


May 2012 - Tools

The Sitter Cheat Test - If you are looking for a creative way to make sure your babysitter completely understand the her duties and responsibilities, you can ask her to fill a form which is called "sitter cheat test". This test should include questions you think your babysitter must know the answers for - who should she call in case of an emergency, what type of food one of the children is allergic to, how long they can play in the computer or i-Pad and more.


Search By Location - Baby sitting sites provide a geographical sitter search engine that can help you find a baby sitter in a specific location. One of the recent services we have loaded is the New York City sitter search engine that can help you search sitters in NYC. Similar to looking for caregivers and nannies all over the USA, this service will direct you to current available babysitters living in New York City according to your personal Zip Code.


April 2012 - Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting Rates - How much to pay a dog sitter? When looking for a cat or a dog sitter you need to be sure that you offer sitters the right sitting rate. The pet sitter salary should cover the cost of taking care of the pet, transportation, food and other things the pet sitter needs. You should set the dog sitter pay rate in the range of 25-35 dollars per day when it's recommended to use a dog walker estimator to make sure you take into consideration all aspects. You can also use an online calculator. There are certain factors that this calculator takes into account, and they include the age of the babysitter, location, experience, number of children to be looked after, special requirements and more. All these factors will help parents determine the proper rates for a babysitter and in this manner, a fair wage can be settled upon. The process is very fast and does not take much time.


Cat Sitters Duties - If you have a cat and you travel from time to time then finding a cat sitter would an option to consider. Cat sitters provides pet sitting services while you are gone when their responsibilities would be feed the cat, take him out for walk, clean the place he sleeps and hang around. To set the cat watcher sitting rate you need to consider  several aspects that affects the hourly rate. 


March 2012 - Coupon Codes & Reviews

Promo Coded and Reviews - When it comes to childcare, the first step for individuals is to register on the website as members. Sittercity members can save on their memberships with the Sittercity promo code that provides them with attractive discounts. There are background check reports along with references and reviews that help parents evaluate the credentials of prospective candidates before they hire them. Sittercity reviews are positive and encouraging as millions of families across the USA are happy and satisfied with the services provided. There are reviews and references that help members cross the licenses and the credentials of the babysitters with ease.


Check Out Users Reviews - When choosing a nanny or a babysitting site to find a caregiver you should pay attention to some users reviews which you can find online. These Sittercity reviews by other parents that share their experience using online referral agencies to find a child care provider can help you in preventing common mistakes such as - hiring a nanny with running a background check, hiring a caregiver without signing a nanny employment contract and more.


February 2012 - New Sitters

Sittercity new members - Yolanda is 29 years old and she is from Illinois. She is looking for a job as a senior caregiver and willing to consider working as a live in caregiver. Yolanda has been working as an Eldercare provider in the past 5 years and she can provide recommendations from three families. Her hourly rate is 15$ per hour and can travel on her own.


January 2012 - Caregivers for the Summer

What is an Au Pair? The au pair is generally young and foreign and they are allowed to stay in the USA for a limited period of time unless they have their origins from a country that has a reciprocal work agreement. With regard to supervision the nanny is allowed to work unsupervised however the au pair cannot be alone with a child who is under 3 months. The au pair must have specific training to take care of a child who is less than 2 years old or a child with special needs without supervision.


Babysitter for the Summer - When you are about to hire a summer sitters, you have to interview the individual and discuss the terms and conditions of work. The baby sitter must mutually agree to the list of duties and responsibilities you assign to her. Once you have hired the nanny you can be rested assured that your kids are safe, and you get the extra help during the summer months too!


December 2011 - Why Sitting Sites?

Why Sitter Site and Not Social Networks? Sites for babysitters is the best solution to find a job as a caregiver. Over time, more nannies and babysitters use websites like care.com and sittercity.com to find a babysitting position rather then word-to-mouth search. As people communicate using Facebook and Twitter, babysitters and parents communicate using caregiver matching sites. This is a faster, easier and cheaper solution for both parties. Run a free babysitter search and try for your self.











































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