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Why Do You Need a Promo Code? Promotion Code was created in order to provide parents, pet owners, individuals and families a trusted and  easy way to find the right care and services for variety of needs such as child care – nannies, babysitters, au pairs, special needs and tutoring; for Adults – Senior care, home care and caregivers;  For pets – dog walkers, pet sitting and general per care solutions; Home and life style – housekeeping, personal assistant and house cleaners. The website is actually a nationwide data vase of caregivers who are looking for carting positions. By allowing individually and families to access and search this listing. This service provides an interesting solution for an easy and fast match to their own needs. Reading reviews can provide more information about this online caregiver’s website.


How Does It Work?

The first step would be completing a quick registration form which includes your private details and contact information. To be a member of the community you will be required to pay a monthly or yearly membership fee. At this point it’s highly recommended to apply the promotion code that can save you up to 25% from the fee. This promotion code for can be found by searching any leading coupons and promo code sites.



Registration Page -


The second step would be to access the login page and search for your prefect care giver by using your postal or zip code. The online nanny and babysitter finder service will track down suitable caregivers who fit your needs. For example, you can search for part time nannies or full time nannies, live in nannies or live our nannies, an adulate nanny, night nanny and more. For babysitters you can search for weekend babysitters, late minute sitters, after school baby sitters, Christian sitters and more. In this step you will be able to read and review available nannies and babysitters and other caregiver’s references, background check and personal reviews.


The third step would be contacting your top caregivers by using the internally messaging system (before you register using the promotional code). In this step you should complete the screening and interviewing process in order to find the best fit. Caregivers should be carefully examined by interviewing them into a one-on-one meeting in order to better learn who the person is and to set the right expectation by providing him detailed job description. It’s important to remember that at the end of the day. The decision and responsibility of choosing a specific care taker is yours.


The Promotional Programs

The idea behind the promo code is to provide families and individuals a cost effective solution for not only finding the right baby sitter or nanny but also to better understand the different aspects of hiring a caregiver. Using coupons codes can save the user between 10% and 25% from the services cost. Since the basic membership is free of charge then there is not need to use any discount code. This type of membership offer you limited possibilities such as searching the database for caregivers but without the possibility  of contacting them, previewing their references and background checks. A paid premium membership will provide you with an access to the site’s services plus to the website’s weekly newsletter filled with expert tips and advice such as – safety tips, saying goodbye to a nanny, managing summer care, special needs care, how to interview a pet sitter and much more.


Summary seems to be a leading and professional caregiver service that provides and simple

and cost effective solution for finding nannies, babysitters, pet sitters and more. Joining this online community seems to be the prefect solution for a trusted way to find and contact quality caregivers. The fact that this nannies for hire and babysitters for hire service enable the users

to access internal reviews and references, substantially reduces the risks of hiring a registered caretaker on this site. As mentioned, before completing the registration process it’s highly recommended to check out the latest promotion code. Video Updates:


December 2012 - Military Support Program

In the month of May, 2012, has launched a new program for active military families

offering 1 Year free membership on the cargiving match services. The program called

the Military Appreciation Month 2012 offers the families to find quality child care, sitters, senior

care and more. honors the men and women who serve their country and understand

that these families has more specific and unique care needs then other families. There for,

the site offer them to join as a member and find their needed care provider. To find

our more and to apply the program, the best way to start would be the

pages where you can start the registration process.


Military Support Program  



September, 2012 - Recently joined

Dana, 50 - "I was looking for the best possible way to find a job as a nanny or adult sitter in Sacramento. I registered to and was hoping to find the job I was looking for in two weeks. After three days I got a request from a nice family living 10 minutes from my house to be their night sitter as the mom couldn't handle the newborn baby and three older children. In less than a week I started working there! the family is great, the nanny salary Is prefect and I found what I was looking for with the help of"


Jenny is a senior caregiver that takes care of elderly people in the past 15 years. She used to work as a nurse and now she provide in-home eldercare services. She is also taking care of father who is 77 years old living on his own. Jenny is 47 years old and she was born and raised in Minnesota. She is willing to work as a live-in caregiver for seniors but also as a day caregiver. Her rate is 15$ per one hour and she can cook and clean and also be responsible for groceries. She has her own car which she used to drive elderly for outdoor activities. If you would like to get Jenny's phone number, you can find her details on


Betty, a special needs nanny join to take care of children with behavior problems. She has 3 years experience working with autistic children and other kids with special needs. She is 22 years old and can prefer to work with youth and teens only. Currently she is a student in the Napa College and can be available for families with 45 miles form this area.


Special Needs Nanny  


June 2012 - Services

On 2012, the sitters website has continue to grown and attract more babysitters and nannies, pet walkers, eldercare sitters and many other care providers to register and offer their services. In the past several years, has raised investments of several millions dollars to further develop the site's services for families and individuals who are looking for a caregiver. One of the example is a service by that can help families to search for available sitters according to specific dates and time. the coupon code can help you save 20% from the membership cost to use this type of service.


If you take a look at the site's hiring guide, you will find new guidelines and information which

is related to the babysitter screening process. One of them refers to the sitter interview process and the questions you should ask. These questions should not be solely based on experience or skills alone, but they should also cover the approach of the candidate towards your child. In this manner, you can get the right babysitter who matches the need of the child as well as your family in an easy and effective manner. More information can be found on website,

under News & Views > Child Care & Family Articles and Resources > The Babysitting Guide: Babysitter Interview.


In-Home Babysitters  


February 2012 - More Thoughts and Benefits on Hiring Caregivers

Recent studies shows that choosing the right caregiver for your child has an important affect on your child personal development. Hiring a mother helper or a private nanny that has the right education and qualification in helping your child develop his skills is the right step. There for, if your goal is not only hiring a person that will watch over your child and feed him but also identify his development skills, then you should carefully pay attention to the nannies profiles. Look for a formal education that is relevant for this matter and don't only count on the years of experience she has. Moreover, your can hire a teacher nanny that will be able to invest the time and efforts where he needs it.


The social and financial demands for parents these days are high, and it becomes the need of the day for them to divide their time between a career and the care of their little kids at home. For in-home care, they often resort to the professional services of a nanny or babysitter from reputed websites on-line like With the aid of on-line sitter's locator, they look for local baby sitters who will take care of their children when they are away.


In case you are on a vacation the nanny can help you look after the kids while you and your partner enjoy some special moments together. Summer's nannies ensure that your kids are safe and protected, and this gives you the peace of mind and relaxation that you are looking for. The nanny responsibilities of a summer nanny can fit the needs of families who travel in and outside of the USA. Before check the promo code.


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