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Is a Scam? We have reviewed

this babysitters and nannies finder service

to find out if the complaints about this

site are true!


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Service Overview

he service offers to replace the traditional way of finding a good caregiver by using

a simple web based sitter finder tool. The idea is to meet the needs of nannies, baby sitters, housekeepers, pet sitters and other caregivers to the needs of families and individuals that are looking for different types of sitting solutions. In the past parents could not access any trusted and nationwide data base, they had to ask a friend if they can recommend someone or just to search in newspapers ads, online ads and local childcare centers. The problem was to find the right sitter with the right profile since every family has her own idea and needs. was founded few years ago with a single goal of providing an simple to use solution

to access, search, screen and find  a sitter according to numerous of parameters - caregivers age, experience, education, location and more. Parents who would like to use this service can run a free nanny or babysitter search however the need to register and pay a membership fee in order to contact the caregivers. Recently we heard some complaints from parents that is a scam. We checked it and here are the results... Overview



First Check - The Website

First we examined the website and the services that it offers. We found that before

anyone who would like to find a sitter of any kind can enter his zip code first and run a free search in order to find out if there are relevant caregivers that can fit his needs, and this without completing any registration process. There for, our first conclusion was that free trail

seems to be a positive sign. Moreover, the search seems to cover any location in USA and includes a details search criterion - type of caregiver (child, pet, new born, home and more),

and other basic details such as age, location, gender, rate and more. The first results were

quit good - we got a list of relevant sitters living near by. Their profile seems to provide us

with the information we were looking for in order to choose the right one.


Second Check - Complaints about Scams

To check this matter we searched the internet and found several reviews that might

shade some light on what does users think about this service and the company behind. On top

of that we wanted to learn if they were happy about it or not and why...


On different forums and complaints sites we found users complaining about scams.

When reading carefully we understood that some of them were nannies and babysitters that

registered to the site but couldn't find a family that will hire them. Another complaints about

a scam were from parents who got a slow service or got no reply from the company support group. Reading these posts we saw that after a while  a representative of the the service has replied them in these forums explaining them what they should do.


More complaints were about a check scam. Here is an example of a scam complains we found

on one of the complaints user's site. This complaint is about warning sitters from

not to accept large checks with a request to deposit them and return back some of the money

in cash to the sender:



Posted by: Thou Shall Not Steal!


Our Conclusion - It's Not a Scam!

The above complaints seems to be no different from other customers of similar services or even any service that provide a product or an online service. Last time we checked there were several millions of families and caregivers listed to It is only make sense that out of millions of people there are from time to time un happy customers who found the service slow or just providing different results then expected.


A real scam is when an individual or a group of people decide to deliberately rip off other people

without providing the service or product they promised to. seems to be in control on

their business and customer support and there for our conclusion is that is not a scam. related:






















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