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Nannies4hire Review - 2014 Nannies4hire.com Site Review!



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www.nannies4hire.com is an innovative and advanced nationwide service that gives families looking for nannies the possibility of instantly finding the perfect nanny. Established in 1987, The company has grown to be one of the biggest and successful companies in the business. The website offers easy access to an online nanny database of quality nannies looking for nanny positions. The company is a member of the International Nanny Association (INA).


Nannies4hire - Is it Really Easy to Use?

With the site's clean and unique design, the Nannies4hire.com home page gives you a warm feeling as soon as you “step in”. Visitors who want to start looking for a nanny right away can immediately start doing so by entering their ZIP or postal code at the free nanny search tool. Those who wish to learn more about the service can either watch Dr. Phil, or on the TLC show. Further investigation is available by entering the Resources Center, which can help families and nannies to learn more about the family <> nanny relationship. The site is simple to understand and navigate―a fine example of getting straight to the point.


It's All About Finding the Right Nanny

When approaching a Web-based matching service as Nannies4hire, every family wants to find the perfect nanny match with minimum search time. For that purpose, the service enables a free preview of its huge quality nanny database at a click. All you need to do is enter your ZIP or postal code, and in zero searching time, you’ll have a list of great nannies looking for nanny jobs. The list will be sorted in descending order starting with the nannies living nearest you.

To obtain the most relevant nanny list for you, before clicking "GO!", you have the chance to more specifically define your nanny search process by choosing the following: Do you prefer: line-in nanny, or live-out nanny? Full-time nanny or part-time nanny? Male or female, and eldercare option if needed.

At this moment, you’ll understand how powerful the service is. You already have a long list of nannies that may suit your family's needs and requirements. By clicking "View Bio" for each nanny, you’ll be able to access most if not all of the information you need in order to learn about each and every candidate.


Choosing a Nanny

Making a short list of two or three candidates that appear to answer your needs is strongly recommended. Since the Nannies4hire search engine is so fast and efficient, it's tempting to think you’ve found your nanny on the first click. In the end, this may turn out to be the case; however, comparing nannies’ pros and cons is the best way to filter out unsuitable candidates.


Besides perusing each candidate’s general and background information, it's highly important to read the nannies’ answers to the following questions at the end of each Candidate Page: "Why do you want to be a nanny?" and "Describe your past childcare experience". From these two questions, which are freely answered by the candidate, you can learn much about the candidate’s personality, style, and how passionate they are about performing the job.


Is it Worth the Registration Fee?

Nannies4hire nanny & babysitters finder service (online caregivers agency) offers three packages:

  1. Gold (USD$ 129.00) - 30 days of job posting & resumè access

  2. Platinum (USD$ 169.00) - 60 days’ posting + a US State Criminal History Search

  3. Premier (USD$ 299.00) - 99 days’ posting + Comprehensive Background Checks.

It’s quite possible that you reached the registration option after only a couple of minutes or less; the efficiency of the service is already unquestionable. A cost-effective service is all about providing you with exactly what you need at reasonable cost. If you compare the service to other solutions, you’ll discover that $129 - $299 is all you need to instantly find your nanny.




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