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What Are the Nanny Duties and Responsibilities?

What are the exact nanny duties and responsibilities? What kind of tasks

she should take upon her self on top of taking care of new born baby,

infant or a child? What you should expect from you private nanny to do...


Here is a review on what we think should be the nanny duties of nannies

from USA & Canada. Read before you search for a nanny


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The Nanny Duties and Responsibilities

When considering hiring a nanny, you need to set for yourself the right expectations of what your nanny responsibilities should be. First, ask yourself why you reached the point at which you said to yourself, “I need a nanny!” It may be that you arrived at the conclusion that two parents who work full time can't handle both their jobs and daily childrearing tasks. You might just need someone to come watch the kids so you can go back to college to earn your

social worker degree online.


Before you start making a list of what the nanny responsibilities should include, first recall that if you want your nanny to be able to take care of your children properly, she shouldn't be diverted from her mission by having to run household-related errands. Therefore, think of reasonable tasks and responsibilities that you would like your nanny to take care of.


eventually your nanny will be responsible to perform all of the duties you’ve discussed to the best of her ability. However, keep in mind that it’s important for you as a parent to be reasonable with your expectations from her. If the nanny responsibilities list will be too long then she will have less time focusing on the most important task

which is taking care of your children.


Consider your requests and whether they are reasonable to accomplish in a day, given her role as childcare provider of your children. At the end, the nanny responsibilities

should include tasks which you both needs to agree upon. Don't surprise her with extra

tasks just after hiring her...


What Type of Services & Responsibilities to Expect?

Each family must define its own needed nanny responsibilities according to the necessary household tasks. However, the basics are usually that a nanny should take care of all the daily tasks related to caring for children, duties of a nanny such as:

  • Clothing

  • Meal preparation

  • Transportation to and from school and activities

  • Laundry

  • Reinforcing appropriate discipline

Other nannies services can include tasks that are not directly related to the kids, such as tidying, meal preparation, and running miscellaneous errands. Since there are many tasks a nanny can perform, clearly define what the most important things are to you, and make sure your nanny understands them. Bottom line: It’s up to you and your nanny to reach a mutual understanding of what she is expected to do, and no less important, what not to do. In any case, make a list of nanny responsibilities you expect and then discuss it with your nanny. Of course, more responsibilities mean a higher nanny salary. For example, responsibilities of a nanny which is a live in nanny may include tasks which a live out nanny shouldn't do.


Other Expectations From Your Nanny

When reaching a mutual understanding of what the nannies services should include, set rules, which are all-important to the working relationship. If properly defined, you can avoid misunderstandings and disputes that can add unnecessary tensions between you and your nanny. Some rules might be:

  • Arrive on time for work, notify if late or ill.

  • Provide a proper and positive environment for your child.

  • Fulfill all of your child’s basic needs.

  • Keep you informed of any significant event―good or bad―related to your child.

  • Update on eating and sleep habits.

  • Respect your family’s privacy.

At the end of the day, when doing a good job in setting expectations and reaching mutual understanding on all aspects related to her job as a baby, infant to child care provider, you

set the strong ground for your future relationship. The final and acceptable nanny duties and responsibilities should be acceptable by both sides and when this has been achieved the first

one who will enjoy it will be you child.










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