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Free a Full & Part Time Nanny Contract Sample - 2014 Update

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Why it's important to have a nanny contract?

A nanny work agreement is important if you

wish to set the right expectations between you

and you child care provider. The following guide

will help you understand what should a nanny

agreement include.


Download now a free sample of a full-time

and a part-time nanny work agreement *


  Full Time Nanny Contract

  Part Time Nanny Contract




Why Do You Need a Contract?

When you hire someone, it's always recommended to define in writing the nature of the job,

the expected responsibilities, and the relationship between the two parties. This is true as

well when hiring a nanny who is expected to handle and be responsible for various tasks.

A nanny contract is helpful in case of a future a dispute between the two sides. Also, a well-written contract will help put you on the right trace to a solid, long-term relationship between you and your nanny. Download for free the two nanny templates we have provided for you -

A full-time nanny contract and a part-time nanny contract templates:




Nanny Contract Template



What Should It include?


·     Working days and hours: Define clearly when you want your nanny to work during the week, and if there are any specific days or hours you need her to work longer or shorter. This is one of the most important things in the nanny work agreement which needs to be clear.


·     Nannies Cost: Salary should include pay rate and frequency, and how overtime and taxes will be handled. If you find it suitable, you can include a performance review(s) as well. For example, in a live in nanny contract you should specifically mention the nanny salary and what does it includes. In any nanny employment agreement this should be clear.


·     Responsibilities and duties: A good contract for nanny should have a clear definition of the nanny duties and responsibilities. This is a key success factor for a strong, healthy relationship with your nanny. By agreeing on these, you minimize the chances for future disagreements and disputes. Nanny duties related to childcare should be defined separately from housekeeping and other duties.


·     Emergency situations: We recommend thinking ahead and planning scenarios, which, while we don't want them to occur, we must be prepared for them. For example, in an emergency, who should be contacted first? What steps and actions should be taken? Specify any special instructions you find important to be carried out. Contracts for nannies should clearly define these important issues.


·     Car policy: When your nanny services include driving the kids to school and other places, define whether your nanny will use a family car or her own. If the latter, the nanny is entitled to mileage reimbursement. Also, a safety statement should be included, such as seating arrangements and car seat and seatbelt usage, as well as an in-car eating policy and cell phone use policy in accordance with your state’s laws.


·     Benefits: Normally nannies receive up to ten paid vacation days per year, which includes sick and personal days, and federal holidays as well. It's also customary to share the cost of the nanny's medical insurance. This should be mentioned in the nanny contract or the nanny work agreement which refers to the nanny salary or the nanny wage.

·     Behavior: An area where families and nannies occasionally find themselves in dispute is the nanny’s behavior both in the house (live-in nannies) and outside the house (live-out nannies), e.g., hosting friends, phone use, and smoking.

·     Termination: How each party should terminate the relationship between the two sides and how much notice is needed. A contract for a nanny must address this issue.

Another issue that you may consider including in the nanny contract is that of confidentiality. A nanny may be exposed to private and sensitive information that you don't want shared. If you feel it necessary, you can mention which information should remain within the family. look for free nanny contracts, compare and then write your own.

The Nannies Cost

If you’re wondering how much the nanny salary should be, first take into consideration various parameters, such as: Is your nanny a live-in nanny, or a live-out nanny? a full-time nanny, or a part-time nanny? What is her previous experience?


According to the International Nanny Association, less experienced nannies should earn from $250 to $400 a week. Professional nannies with more experience may earn from $400 to $1,000 a week. If you’re looking for more detailed information about wages, you can find it on various sites such as that of the International Nanny Association.


The bottom line is that a good nanny contract should cover all issues related to hiring a employee when a successful nannies work agreement is one that both parties sign and then never see it again. If this is the case it means that you did a pretty good job in setting the

right expectations...

































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