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Nanny Contracts Templates - Download a Free Version!

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Looking for a nanny contract template?

A good nanny work agreement will include

all the nanny's duties and responsibilities,

benefits, compensation plan, working hours,

house and living rules, confidentiality and

termination process. Use the following free

work agreement templates:  


  Full Time Nanny Contract

  Part Time Nanny Contract






When Hiring a Caregiver

hiring a childcare provider is an important step for every family and goes along with several tasks with relates to employing a helper. One of this steps is the nanny employment agreement which is a must especially when hiring someone for a job which includes a list of duties and responsibilities. Some families choose only to review nanny contracts examples to better understand how to set the right expectations with their nanny, but eventually don't sign one. Other families insists on signing a full nanny contract which cover each and every details which relates to the job description, duties, tasks, salary, automobile avengement and different rules.


Why Sign a Nanny Work Agreement?

There are several benefits of having a written agreement with nannies:


(1) Synchronize - when sitting down and writing a contract both sides share their thoughts and expectations from each side. in this process both parents and nannies learn better about how should things work from day one, what should be the daily routine and also how to handle problems when they arise. For example, a good part time nanny contract will make sure to set the right definition of the expected position.


(2) Employment Law - a good contract covers all the legal issues which relates to the nanny salary and wage, tax and compensation insurance. Without signing a nannies employment agreement both sides may discover along the way that they didn't fulfill what was needed according to the law. These matters can be review and check when reading all types of nanny contracts templates.


(3) Long Term Relationship - when signing a nanny contract form both sides feel more committed to this mutual project. Once you have found your super nanny, you would want to keep this relationship healthy as possible.


What Should a Basic Nanny Contract Template Include?

A good employment contract for nannies will cover the following issues:

  • Full details of the family and the nanny.

  • A clear definition of working hours for every day of the week including weekend when needed (weekend nanny).

  • Compensation - gross amount based on a nanny hourly rate. This should include a minimum weekly working hours and the nanny pay for overtime.

  • Training - CPR and first aid course.

  • Detailed job description and responsibilities - child caring, cleaning, laundry, cooking and of course the nanny privileges.

  • Communication - weekly or monthly meeting in which both sides discuss important issues in any matter. This is a highly recommended and can be found in any nanny contracts templates.

  • Emergencies - how to handle when arise.

  • Transportation and phone arrangement - the use of the family car and telephone.

  • Paid time of and holidays.

  • The deduction of taxes and health insurance.

  • Living rules and arrangements (in case of a live in nanny).

  • House rules - smoking, alcohol and visitors.

  • Confidentiality - which issues should be kept under full Confidentiality. This is also a most in any nanny contract form.

  • Termination - what are the rules for termination for both sides.



Standard Nanny Agreement Template



Other Important Issues

Before putting your self in a position of and employer, you need to be aware to the rules

of federal standards for fair employment in regards to the nanny wage, working hours and other important matters. Also remember that a good contract is a contract you sign and never review it or use it again. If everything will work as plan, the relationship between both sides along with the legal position will not require anyone to check what is written in the contract.


Finding a good sample nanny contract of employment can be found in online nanny sites

and can give you a clear idea what it should include. Free nanny contracts templates are easy to find but most likely will not covers all the needed aspects. It's recommended at

least to advice a legal professional specializing in contracts.


Once deciding only to review sample contracts for nannies but not sign one, remember

the above and be aware to the fact that most adult professional nannies insist on singing

a written agreement and if your nanny choose to work without an employment contract it means that she may not be as professional as you think she is.


Don't forget to focus on the nanny salary as this should be clear for both parties. No one likes to open a new this issue after the nanny work agreement has been sign. When you

learn how to interview a nanny you should prepare the right questions that refers this

document and make sure the nanny agrees to sign it.
















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