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What Are the Nanny Duties and Responsibilities?

Nanny responsibilities and duties -> before you hire a nanny you need to

clarify your view on what should be your nanny's duties and her responsibilities. This should be cover when setting the nanny contract which should be the document that set the right expectations.


Read the following short guide about the nanny duties and responsibilities that should be covered in the nanny employment contract.


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The Nanny Role

The nanny profile will determine the list of nanny responsibilities for your child. Nanny's duties and responsibilities are different for every household. It differs as per the needs and requirements of the child. If you are a parent and in search for a skilled nanny to look after your child/children, you must determine the list of duties you would like your nanny to perform.


There are specific things you would like your nanny to do, and they may include driving your kids to school, doing some household chores, teaching, cooking, etc. It is wise and prudent about you to draw up a list of the tasks you would like your nanny to perform. This helps you in a large manner to get a better understanding of the person you are looking for to take care of your child/children.


The list of nanny duties and responsibilities will guide you on how to choose a nanny. This

is the first step that will bring you closer to the ideal candidate. Nanny's sites have a nanny finder search option that allows you to find candidates who match your requirements.

These websites have thousands of nanny profiles of eligible candidates for baby sitting needs. There are profiles of both beginners and experienced individuals you can surf through from a single website. Once you have short listed the candidates who match your needs you should call them over to your home for discussions on the job profile.


Look for the Long Term

It is important for you to make reasonable demands when it comes to the duties and responsibilities of nannies. The basic responsibility is the same for all households, and

they relate to the care of the child/children entrusted. These duties may include preparing meals for the child, bathing, clothing, providing them with mental simulation, reinforcing the discipline appropriate for the child and more. There are some nannies who will only agree to take care and cleaning the child. There are some nannies who will undertake the responsibility of taking care of the other members of the family. You will need to compensate her as per the tasks assigned. This is why you must clearly outline all the

duties and discuss it with her in detail.


When looking for a nanny for hire it is important for you to draw up a nanny contract that has the list of duties and responsibilities specified. This makes it easier for both, you and the nanny to comprehend the profile and tasks to be done. When you are conducting the interview of the nanny, this contract needs to be discussed.


The list of duties and responsibilities will help the candidate determine the nature of the job, and negotiations can be done better. You should ask her questions relating not only to experience but also approach to child care. In this way, you get a better understanding if the candidate you are interviewing caters to the needs of your child/children or not. Once you are satisfied the individual is reliable and responsible you can hire the candidate for your needs.


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