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Nanny Wage 2013 - What is the Typical Wage in North America?

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   The Care.com Nanny Cost Guide


What is a reasonable average nanny wage?

Which factors affects the nanny salary and

what variables you need to consider when

setting the nanny pay rate?


When hiring a nanny you need to make sure

you pay the nanny minimum wage and of

course a salary both parties feel comfortable

with. Read the following short guide to learn

more about nannies salaries.


  The Nanny Cost Guide







What is a Reasonable Rate?

Many parents ask me about how to calculate the nanny salary rate and which factors they need to consider. The simple truth is that there is no accurate nanny wage when it comes to nannies salaries. It all depends on many factors which effects the final rate for each and every nanny - locating, experience, age, working hours, education and responsibilities.


It's reasonable to say that today the average nanny salary for a fresh new nanny  is about 400$ gross per week.


On the other hand, an experienced live in nanny with several years on the job and with good recommendations can earn up to 900$-1000$ gross per week. When setting live out nannies wages it's reasonable to pay at least 10$ per hr when in this case it goes up to 20$ per hr for professional nannies.


The Average Rate in USA

The average nanny salary can vary also from on city to another. For example, the nanny salary in cities like nyc, Boston, & Atlanta can be higher then a less populated cites. Besides the location, some other factors need to be considered such as - the number of hours care needed in a week. A full time nanny work at least 40 hr a week when above that it's reasonable to pay overtime. Another factor is the number of children involved. Adult nannies can take care more then one child while this role involves more responsibilities and duties.


Another important issue that many families must be familiar with is the difference between

the term "gross" and "net". Gross nanny wage is the amount the nanny get paid before paying her taxes and the net is after. As some fresh nannies not really familiar with this matter you will need to make it clear when you negotiate the nanny terms. You can always

use a nanny wage calculator to determine more accurate nanny hourly wage.


Other to Factors to Consider

> Health Insurance - this is under the family responsibility when in the first year it will be half of the amount and from the second year the full amount.

> Car expenses - if part of the nanny's responsibility is using the family car then you don't need to pay any extra amount. However, if the nanny uses her private vehicle then this should be part of the extra payments. In this case of course the family needs to take under consideration the expected nanny's duties such as driving kids to Scholl and other different house hold tasks.

> Salary review - at the end of the first year (or even before, it all depends on the agreement between the family and the nanny) there is a need to review and nanny wage. The first basic factor that influences the salary is inflations. The family needs to adjust the payment at least at the same level of the yearly inflation rate. The second factor will be of course the nanny performance. If families would like to keep a good nanny then a yearly bonus is highly recommended and gives the nanny something to look for.

Remember that a nanny salary review should go along with performance review or in other words - re-setting expectations. If you reached the point of employing a childcare provider for over a year then most chances you are happy with her. Feedback is important for both sides and helps to improve the relationship between both sides. For the nanny tax issue you

can consult nanny payroll services.


In case of misunderstandings and disagreements the family should not wait until the nanny salary yearly review. When hiring a new nanny it's important to set after 30 or 60 days a meeting to share thoughts and feedbacks. For some people it's not always easy to share thoughts without having the right timing or event. Remember that after all the nanny is your employee just like you are (if you work for a company). The same way a good job and benefits influence your performance, your nanny feels and act the same.  Any certified nanny will expect a decent employee same as you expect a decent caregiver.


As there are several types of nanny such as night nanny, newborn caregiver, after school nanny and more, the question of how much do you pay a nanny is mainly related to a reasonable rate that will reflect her age and experience.
















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