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Sittercity or - 2014 Comparison Review!


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Sittercity or - 2014 Review

Getting a nice and reliable sitter is quite a tough task, although it seems an easy one.

After several trial-and-error methods, we narrowed down – to two websites, which provide

this service effectively – them being and Sittercity Bothe the websites are quite similar but on in-depth analysis, you will get to know the difference which has explained as below.


Firstly, On How Do They Work

There are monthly subscriptions in both the sites. After subscribing to the sites you will be

able to see the various listed nannies or sitters on the website. Full information of the provider likes photos, educational levels, and background checks, past works and customer feedback

and opinions. In a way, both the sites are easier to work and use. So if you are in need of good babysitters, your search ends here. It is hard to choose one over the other on this basis.



A monthly subscription for costs around $11.67 while charges $9.99 a month.  


Response Rates and Quality of Providers

Who is better - sittercity or care? With a number of local providers in your area, Sittercity has a good coverage across the city. You are sure to get a good number of care providers, and you can get an excellent response within a matter of two days of your job posting. Sometimes you can also get more than 40-50 responses. You can easily scan all the responses and contact them for interviews. You will be very happy to see the quality responses of the care providers with a high level of professionalism in their work and references. In this care Sittercity or we this Sitter City has the best coverage.


There is a care on a call feature which is helpful if the sitter could not make it to the job. The care will send an email to all the available care providers in your area to find you few qualified providers.  


Sittercity: Search by Language

Super advantage of Sittercity is its advanced search options. You can search for sitters using

the language functionality i.e. that is fluent in German, Chinese, French, etc. So this advantage helps you to get the help as per your accent and known-language. Furthermore, they provide sitters that have experience handling special children like asthma, polio, nagging child, etc.


To conclude, Sittercity does an amazing job in giving you the sitters that cater to all your requirements. It is although a bit expensive, but it has to lot of additional features like ‘care

on call’ service to make it worth the penny spent. It is a very good service for those who nannies or sitters quite regularly, or travel a lot or those who have uneven shifts. It provides all the services one need in a sitter or a nanny.


In the website, you will get the advanced search function giving you an additional benefit to find the exact nanny in your area, or if you have a child with special needs such as ADHD or asthma, of if you need someone who speaks a language other than English, Sittercity has some easy ways to find multiple providers with those specific experiences. Sittercity or

Both provides a good solution. Ranking

Here are the results from for both sites in December, 2012:

  • The site rank 17,920 in the world, 3,528 in the USA.

  • It has 1,308 sites linking in.

  • Daily visitors - 16,590

  • Daily pages views - 99,540 Results on

  • The site rank 6,572 in the world, 1,349 in the USA.

  • It has 2,138 sites linking in.

  • Daily visitors - 39,900

  • Daily pages views - 227,430 Results on



The information above shows that is about three times more than sittercity in almost

any traffic related parameter.


Coupon Discount Codes

Both & provides a monthly promotional code that provides a discount

on the membership fee. The coupon codes provide a discount between 10% - 25% which any

new registered member can enjoy when purchasing a monthly subscription. The use of the

codes is simple - during the registration process all you need is to add the code before you

go ahead with the payment the discount will appear automatically. When using the free nanny

and babysitter's finder of sitter city and there is no need for the codes or to register

to their websites.


In the Media

Both sites invested in funny and nice commercials which you can watch on TV or on YouTube.

Here are the most popular commercials of both companies:



The and Most Popular Commercial - From YouTube & News:


Sittercity Reviews on - December 18, 2012

> While visiting more parents forums we came across a nice site called

which is a parents resources that can help with many infants and children related issues such

as how to how to improve the eating habits of children, how to help them fall a sleep and more. Any parent can post a question on the site's forum and get answers, good advice and tips from other parents. One of the post was about the differences between and is the questions that initiated a discussion in this matter:


"Sittercity or - which to use and what type of membership?"

By: Anonymous


"I'm debating joining these websites and wondered if in your experience you felt one was better than the other? I'm searching for a PT nanny, as well as hoping to find a babysitter for occasional weekends out, etc. Also, is the annual membership worth it or do you think it's possible to get a good selection from the monthly? Any other tips would be appreciated. Thanks so much".


Below you can find the answers of the users and their thoughts about and sittercity:



Discussion about  & Sittercity Differences on



More about the Two Services - October 5, 2012

> One of the similarities between and is the trend of families to use

their online search engine to find babysitting and nannies services. Since 2008 more and more families used these nanny sites to find online quality sitting solutions. Both of them enjoy an increasing number of caregiver that understand they need to registered and be online if they want to find a position in these industry. 


> When you compare to sittercity you need to make sure you have all the right facts and numbers. If you are a nanny or a babysitters you can easily register with no cost and start getting responds from families all over the cities in USA and Canada. If you are looking for a caregiver then you need to pay a membership fee. Check the most update enroll program each site have including their fee after using their monthly promotional codes.


> Some of the reviews on and the responds we found on some nanny forum shows that the "care on call" seems to be a favorite solution for 'last minute care giving solution'. It seems that may families already have a babysitter or a nanny they work with on regular basis however there any many time that the sitter call in sick or just can make it from personal reason. In this case the "care on call" by providers a great solution for finding within just a few hours the sitter they need.


> More about the list of pro and cons of sitter city and can be found on users reviews sites. These sites allow parents to upload their personal experience using these two nanny websites and babysitter sites. As more as you read more reviews you will be able to gather important information that can help you decide which one is the best solution for you.


Finding a Nanny Online  


Promotional Programs Updates - July 2012

> As for the month of March the sittercity promotional code offer 25% discount while the coupon code offer 20% discount for new members. Moreover, the membership fee

for is higher then sitter city in 15%. There for, as for the month of March, sittercity provides a cheaper solution for families and individuals to search for, screen and find a caregiver.


> You just need to opt for the monthly or annual membership and get the professional caregivers that suits your needs. Reputed websites like Sittercity undertake the mission to cater to your needs and the sittercity promo code is not the only benefit that gives you value for money. Besides nannies, babysitters and au pairs you get significant information and news about childcare events and information as well. Service  


Services Reviews Updates - May 2012

> March user reviews on and discover that often nannies and babysitters register to both sites to get maximum exposure. While many families know only or, this way the caregivers will be able to get requests from more families then being registered only in one site. The basics are the same - these two websites offer families and caregivers an easy internal system to meet and communicate.


> Professional and trusted websites like and ensures that parents get the best when it comes to choosing a nanny or baby sitter service in a short time. There is also the provision of people to find last minute babysitters for their children, Since these sites attract all kind of caregivers with different profiles - after school sitters, special needs nanny, weekend nanny, pet sitter for the summer, eldercare caregivers and more.


> To narrow down your caregiver search while using the caretaker search engine of and sittercity, choose only the parameters that are relevant for the caregiver you are looking for. As an example, choose "Nonsmoker" which this is a critical request or choose "Live-in" when searching for a in-home caregiver. Without defining the profile of the person you are looking for, you will get a search results of dozens of sitter...


New Sitters on - April 2012

> Just joined - Daniela, a daycare worker that would like to be a in-home babysitter for infants and pre-school children. She has no experience as a babysitter but loves children dearly. The knows CPR, First Aid and can take care of kids with ADD/ADHD, Asthma and willing to take care sick children. If you would like to hire her as you private sitters, you will be able to find her at under Charlotte sitters. Nannies  





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