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Sittercity Scams - Is Sittercity.com a Scam? 2014 Update!


Service promised but not provided? Didn't get true value for your

money? Is Sittercity sitters placement service reliable...? Read on!


March 2014 - Jane M. Lee



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Sittercity Scams Review

Sittercity.com is America's oldest and largest sitters placement agency that offers North Americans families solutions for searching, finding and hiring babysitters, nannies, dog walkers, senior care providers and tutors. Families looking for sitters can use this baby sitter & nanny site in order to find a trustworthy caregiver near them. This online service include the following tools & solutions - profiles preview, personal references for each sitter, background check for sitters & nannies and more. Tracking down a caretaker is done by entering the seeker ZIP code into a caregiver search engine tool. The results - a list of sitters in a reasonable radius from the seeker location. As for today there are more then 2,000,000 registered caregivers at sittercity.com.


Sittercity Complaints We Found

After reviewing blogs, forums and complaint boards we found some complaints from nannies

& sitters which they defended as "sittercity scams". The claim was they didn't receive the promised service - to find a family to work for. we also found that some of the members of this service claim they didn't get a fast respond from Sittercity customer support. Another complaint was about the background check service that didn't provide accurate results about some nannies and sitters. The general feeling from these complaints is that in some cases users were not that happy with the service and feel they didn't get true value for their money. 


So, Is Sittercity a Scam or Not?

After reviewing the sittercity.com website, the number of registered sitters and families, the users testimonials, the amount of awards this service got and the fact that it's one of the largest online sitters agency in America we came to the first conclusion that Sittercity is far from being a scam. Yes, it's true that some cases out of couple of millions could have been handled better and faster but on the other hand this is true for many online services and solution who deals with so many members.


This site is definitely not run by dishonest management or by people with a goal of "getting

money out of people as part of a scam". Most of the complaints were from 2009 from the economic crisis time were the national mood was not that high. In all the forums that we visited we found that a represented from the sittercity.com service appeared with reasonable answers for the companies by offering a solution for any problem or complaints.


Final Conclusion..

If we summarize our analysis about the "sitter city scams" complaints we come to the following conclusions which make sense to us:

  • Sittercity.com is defiantly not a scam.

  • Like any company that serve millions of customers there are always problems which need to be addressed. Sittercity.com is doing a good job in solving problems and mistakes.

  • 2,000,0000 people are not mistaken. The majority of sittercity customers are happy and do feel they got a good value for their money.

We have also checked some other similar nanny sites and babysitting websites like care.com

and nannies4hire and we found similar complains. Some of these complaints about a scam came

from nannies and babysitters who were un lucky in finding a job at these sites and there for posted on different forums blogs about that. In these cases as well we couldn't find any evidence that sittercity.com or any other nanny and babysitters finder service has deliberately ripped of caregivers.




In Home Caregivers


Seniors Scam Update for the Month of June, 2012

In the past couple of weeks we heard about new senior caregivers scammers in several states

in USA. It's works like this - a women is posting a job for a job as a elderly care provider on a

nanny website, forums, craigslist and even a paper ad in daycare centers. Their resume looks

prefect however missing trusted references (pay attention to this matter!). When Elderly people

hire them as a personal home assistant or as a home nurse, they work for several days until they get their hands on house keys. Then they copy them and gives them to a third person. Now it's

easy... all they need is to set a day in which they take the old ones outside for few hours in the

park. At that time, the thief's empty the house from expensive items, money, jewelry and any

other valuable item. After that the caregiver is gone without any notice...



  • Never hire a caregiver from an unknown sources.

  • Never hire a in-home personal assistant without checking their background first.

  • Conduct a one-on-one interview with a third person you trust.

  • Make sure you receive references and don't accept any excuse as "I lost it/can find"

  • Define a first period as a trail period to make sure you hired the right person.




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